In recent years, Tsuen Lee boosted “Four transformations” and implemented “Four upgrades” policies for product diversification and all-round business operations with the aim of aligning with the governmental policy in encouraging enterprise transformation. Moreover, it will shift the production mode from OEM to ODM and OBM and gradually expand its business scope in China and Hong Kong for product and business diversification. Through the endeavor of its wholly owned subsidiary, T-Link Inspiration Limited, the Group strives to establish joint venture with different brands to strength its core business, and also embark on developing new products and creating its own brands. Over the past few years, a wide variety of new products and brands were launched, including Shang nano air sterilization series developed by Shang Healthcare Limited, Bonbonnière the retail brand for kids wear and juvenile products, Bon Bear Creation Palace the retail outlet for toys and party products, Maisons the outlet for trendy household goods, E Cube Club the indoor children playground, Ming the Minibus the cartoon products, ETL the toy manufacturer and other businesses spanning real estate developing project, property management, mini-motor production, brands agency, etc. On top of these, we will embark on further upgrading of businesses on different stages of development, industry structure, product categories and structure, auxiliary businesses for all-round diversification and development.