Tsuen Lee has paid great attention in enhancing technology resources. We have been using 3D printing machine to enhance our prototyping and manufacturing process. With regard to patent development, we have patent toy mechanism and patent soft material. Moreover, we have conducted research project with renowned university for Anti-bacterial solution- In 2004, Shang Healthcare Limited (a.k.a. Shang), a Hong Kong based healthcare product company focusing in promoting products that are associated with healthy lifestyle, co-operated with the Chinese Medicine department of Hong Kong Baptist University to research and develop the Shang nano air sterilization product series, with the aim to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and viruses causing respiratory system, and to reduce the possibility of similar epidemic in Hong Kong again and ultimately to safeguard the lives and happiness of Hong Kong people.

Shang Nano Airborne Anti-bacterial series

3D printing machine


Coating by Nano Technology

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Like a transparent shield, HzO's WaterBlockTM technology is an impermeable coating of bonded molecules sealed on electronic assemblies (PCB and peripheral components) to protect even the most sensitive devices from damage by water, moisture, chemical invasion, contaminating particles and humidity.

WaterBlockTM protects not only from drips and splashes, but from accidental submersion as well, allowing today's consumers to use their electronics the way they want to - at the beach, by the pool, hiking, exercising or working in inclement weather. WaterBlockTM changes the paradigm from traditional mechanically sealed waterproofing. HzO allows electronics to be fully submerged without damaging valuable internal components.

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