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Bonbonnière is established by T-Link Inspiration Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of Tsuen Lee Group (Holdings) Ltd. It is located at D2-2 L1 and specializes in the retail business of kids wear and juvenile products. The name comes from the French language meaning candy box, which symbolize joy and happiness for children. Candy box also gives us a sense of variety and warmth, which aligns with the goods and services that this shop offers. We sincerely hope that our customers could enjoy the quality time with their children and enhance their communication with them using our toy products and courses. Notably, children can select from the great variety of choices of clothes and dress in the same way with Bon Bear dolls. Besides, we have sourced from different countries a wide variety of children clothes and juvenile products, one of which is Les Deglingos, with the aim providing our clients with abundant choices and enriching their shopping experience.

Flagship shop at MegaBox

The branch at Fortune Metropolis

Flagship shop at Shanghai Yuexing Global Harbour