With the aim of developing co-operation with institutions and companies on a global basis, Tsuen Lee strives to improve supply chain processes and other areas spanning product design, manufacturing process, application technology, health-related products, through our endeavor in self-investment, cross-industry co-operation and CSR dream projects. On top of these, we have invested in printing 3D technology and embarked on researches on new products and materials on a continuous basis. We have acquired a number of patented material and managed to reengineer resin and invested in resin feature enhancing projects.

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ETL represents EveriteTransworldCo.Ltd. , which starts designing and manufacturing toys from the 70’s. Its aim is to provide the best of products and services to the customers. The company can provide one-stop service starting from concept development, design, product development, engineering, quality control, delivery to manufacture. ODM and other mode of co-operation are welcome. It manufactures the popular and renowned “Wall Walking” toys which are sold to different countries including USA, U.K., Mainland China, Hong Kong and so on. “Wall Walking” toy series are famous for their patented adhesive material and “ballet” moves and incredible postures when they are stuck to walls. They can be repeatedly stuck to the wall, easy to play and fun to play with. Moreover, it also conducts research on new products and materials and have 56 patents.