We keep improving everyday using advanced technology and management know-how to enhance our production efficiency. We are committed to providing our customer with qualified, environmental friendly and safe products. We are also committed to be an ethical, responsible and environmental centered corporate citizen.


Tsuen Lee all along strives to become a “Customer Value Creation Company” that provides quality, safety and security in line with our visions of contributing to a ubiquitous networking society and coexisting with the global environment.


Tsuen Lee follows all national laws and regulations as well as various customer requirements and standards strictly. We advocate our employees to strictly follow factory rules and regulations as well as all kinds of guidelines. We are striving to become a law-abiding corporate citizen.


Tsuen Lee strives to build a fair and uncorrupted working environment for employees. We all along keep manage the company through data analyzing to keep competency and improve productivity and ensure that the whole company operates under a healthy way. Meanwhile, we are striving to prevent any internal corruption and encourage our employees to build a harmonious family together.


We always advocate the conception of “Eco Ideas” and “Green Manufacture”. We build and reinforce an active and studious working spirit in our environmental protection campaign to continuously adapt to the changing social and business environment by expansion and transformation, ultimately achieving improvement on environmental protection and energy-saving projects, making sure that the “Green Tsuen Lee” image is engraved into all interested parties.


We have a genuine care for our employees. We encourage them to care for others and to live and work together harmoniously and treat each other with sincerity and honesty. We believe that sincere communication could lead to quicker success!


We provide a wide variety of learning & training opportunities for our employees, with the aim of fostering continuous development and improvement for the staff, which goes in line with our uncompromising dedication to providing them with true benefits and a promising future.


We are dedicated to providing a clean and secure working and living environment for our employees. We are active in a wide range of community activities, sincerely contributing, investing and giving back to the society/community with our love, and will never stop.