Dr. Cheung Kwong Ming is the founder and Managing Director of TSUEN LEE GROUP (HOLDINGS) LIMITED nearly 40 years from now, Dr. Cheung made his living in the toy industry by serving two toy factories and gained experiences as a workplace supervisor. In 1982, Dr. Cheung founded Tsuen Lee in Hong Kong and set up the plant in Pinghu town, Shenzhen, which focused in OEM plastic toys production. In 1998, Dr. Cheung installed air conditioning in the workshops, among other measures to protect the environment and improve the living and working conditions of the employees. Tsuen Lee is the first in the industry to implement the following systems: ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 and SA8000 ICTI. As a forward looking enterprise, Tsuen Lee run its business with modern management model.

“Back in the 60’s, we have witnessed the growth of the textiles, electronics, watches, toys and plastic industry. Due to rapid socio-economic changes along with economic downturn in the European and US markets, Hong Kong industries are faced with lots of challenges. To cope with these difficulties, we need to identify market trends and implement the right risk management programs. It is crucial to create our own brands and market these locally designed products in the Mainland and overseas market. Over the past 30 years, I have learnt to manage the risks and challenges which were prevalent in the toy industry. We need to be adaptive to the fast-moving business environments as well as market trends and to grasp the opportunities that arise. We have to transform ourselves under different circumstances and to upgrade and expand our businesses for sustainability. We also need to build our image and preserve our integrity through enforcing strict compliance to the corporate governance code. Our mission is to protect the interests of all stakeholders and maintain cross industry co-operation and win-win situations. Tsuen Lee will continue to explore new business opportunities and research in new products to create synergy among our customers. We are also working with the local communities to achieve all win situations such that both the industry and the company would benefit.”

Tsuen Lee Metal & Plastic Toys Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tsuen Lee Group (Holdings) Ltd established by Dr. Cheung Kwong Ming, is devoted to constant optimization of production process and improvement of product quality. To this end, the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) Project was launched in 2013 to implement optimization strategy according to different production stages, which succeeded to shorten the lead time for production and product inventory, as well as reduce the reliance on labor and increase production efficiency. The great stride resulted earns the company an award in the “Productivity and Quality” category in the Hong Kong Awards for Industry. Originally named as The Governor’s Award, with over 25 years of growth and evolution, Hong Kong Awards for Industry has now developed into an important annual event for Hong Kong’s manufacturing and services industries and is a stimulus to progress and improvement in the industries.